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Along With Email Marketing Masters Reveal...
How To Create Engaging Emails To Sell Your Book... Even If You Have No Idea What To Write About
All Without Being Annoying, Spammy, or Overly Salesy
Imagine this…

You sit down at your computer.

You type out a quick message.

You click send.

Then - BAM! - just 2 hours later, you see hundreds of books sold.

This isn't some too-good-to-be-true fantasy.

This is what happens all the time for many savvy authors who tap into the power of email.
This Is Why Almost All Top Selling Fiction and Non-Fiction Authors Rave About Email Marketing
Here’s what a few bestselling authors have to say about email.

“Email still is the best way to market almost anything.” - Bryan Cohen: USA Today Bestselling Author

“My business plan this year is to step back from social media almost entirely… I’m going to focus on email marketing.” - Alessandra Torre: New York Times Bestselling Novelist

“If you compare any other form of communication… email outperforms almost everything probably 20 to 1. It’s not even close.” - Jonathan Green: Bestselling author of over 200 books

Most successful authors say email is their #1 most profitable source of sales.

That’s certainly been the case for me by a long shot. So…
Why Do Some Authors Get Tons Of Sales Through Email...
While Other Authors Struggle To Even Get Their Emails Opened?
Is it because “email is dead?”


In 2022, email is still the reigning book-selling champion in terms of return on investment.

People who say “email is dead” are typically those who never learned the psychological principles that make email work.

Such as…
The ‘M.E. Effect’ That Makes Subscribers Open Your Emails, Fall In Love With You, and Buy Your Books
Quick story…

I used to go to a Starbucks near my place every day.

After a few months, I noticed an interesting phenomenon.

The people there started smiling and saying “Hi Derek!” whenever I walked in.

I found myself growing fond of the workers and they were growing fond of me.

It’s not because I’m super outgoing or anything. I’m an introvert. I generally despise small talk and chit-chat.

Normally, I’d just go in, grab my coffee, and get out of there.

Nevertheless, the workers and I started to build a bond.

Why did this happen?

The Mere-Exposure Effect

Psychologists have discovered we grow to like people we’re exposed to frequently.

(A note from Captain Obvious: This effect doesn’t work if someone’s frighteningly annoying)

When someone sees your name in their inbox on a regular basis…

And they enjoy the emails they receive from you…

This helps them know, like, and trust you.

And we tend to buy from those we know, like, and trust.

This is why it’s key to email your subscribers regularly…

And NOT just when you have a new book you’re promoting.

This is true even if you only have 3 subscribers.

In fact…

It’s ESPECIALLY true if you only have 3 subscribers.

Because you want to develop the habit, skills, and relationships BEFORE you have tens of thousands of subscribers.

If You’re Only Emailing Once Every 3 Months… 
You’ll Often Be Forgotten and Ignored
In fact, too few emails often INCREASES unsubscribes and spam complaints.

Have you ever gotten an email from someone you haven’t heard from in months…

And you totally forgot who they were…

So you instantly deleted the email or unsubscribed?

This is what may happen to you if you don’t email regularly.

Or have you ever had someone who only talks to you when they want something from you?

It can feel slimy.

Authors who struggle to generate sales with email often don’t email ENOUGH.

And when they do email, they may only send spammy “BUY MY BOOK!” kinds of emails.

When those emails don’t get a good response, they think the solution is to email less.

Technically, that can be a solution... in the same way you can get rid of a headache by chopping off your own head.

But if you ask me, that’s a paint-chip-eating-stupid approach.

The thing is…
If someone writes emails that are boring, annoying, or unhelpful… even emailing just once a year is still one time too many
The key to not annoying your subscribers while also benefiting from email isn’t to send fewer emails. (Unless you’re sending 83 emails every day)

Instead, it’s to…

Wait for it…


When you write captivating emails, everything changes.

You now have people WANTING to hear from you.

They get a dopamine hit every time they see your name in their inbox.

The more often they hear from you, within reason, the better for both you AND them.

Your subscribers get to read something they enjoy. You get to make more sales.

It’s a win-win.

This is why I recommend emailing AT LEAST once a month as an absolute bare minimum.

For many, I consider once a week to be a good minimum as you’ll often get better results by sending more *quality* emails.

That said, simply writing more emails doesn’t guarantee success.

After all, most people are NOT inherently excited about being on yet another newsletter.

You need to give your subscribers a reason to stick around and read your emails.

This means writing emails that are both entertaining for your subscribers AND profitable for you…

All without turning off your ideal subscribers.

This begs the question…
What in the world should you say in your emails to build a relationship and sell books… without being obnoxiously salesy or talking about random stuff no one cares about?
When it comes to the whole email marketing thing, many authors find themselves as confused as a fart in a fan factory.

Obviously, you do want to have messages that invite people to buy your book. After all, you’re in business to make sales and you deserve to be compensated for your writing.

Yet you also probably realize relentlessly bombarding your subscribers with emails that only say "BUY MY BOOK!!" doesn't work.

But neither does giving pointless updates talking about the burrito you had for lunch the other day… unless there’s a really epic story about said burrito.

And unfortunately, most email marketing you’ve received is probably horrendous.

If you imitate what most others do thinking it’s the “proper” way to do email…

Not only will your sales suffer…

You’ll also probably need to take a shower after writing each email.

The good news is, as an author, writing is likely a strong point for you.

With email, you can take advantage of your ability to tell stories, entertain, educate, or inspire through the written word.

Now, that sounds good in theory.

However, writing an email and writing a book aren’t exactly the same thing.

To know how to connect your passion for writing with the power of email…

You need real-world examples of email marketing, from authors, that actually works.
This is exactly why I created the Email Marketing for Authors Challenge
I also got world-class authors who’ve sold thousands of books through email to not only reveal their secrets…

They’ll also show you some of the best emails they've written.

This way, you'll see real-world examples of how to do email marketing well.

So you'll be inspired to write emails that bond you to your readers and get them eager to buy from you.

In fact, your readers will often THANK you for emailing them and promoting your books...

As long as you use these proven email principles.

Plus, to make this as easy as possible for you to implement…
During this challenge, you’ll get email templates, prompts, and daily action steps that eliminate a ton of the guesswork and show you exactly what to write
By the end of this challenge, you'll have, at minimum, one new email to send to your audience.

If you're ambitious, you'll create 5 or more new emails based on templates and prompts.

If you're more experienced, you'll discover simple tweaks to almost instantly improve your current emails.

You'll Get On Demand Recordings To Review For Years To Come
Can't participate fully this week?

All good.

You'll get access to the recordings to review them months or years into the future.

And since the fundamentals of effective email marketing are based on human psychology...

The principles will work just as well 20 years from now as they do today.

If you don't have any email list whatsoever right now, that's perfect
Because now is the best time to create these emails so you have content ready before you build your audience.

When you enroll, you'll also have the option to invest in additional support on how to build a list of your ideal subscribers.

So whether you're completely new to email marketing or have been doing this for years with thousands of subscribers...

You'll have more confidence than ever you can...
- Build a list of engaged fans who actually open and read your emails

- Get proven strategies to turn simple emails into book sales

- Always have ideas for email content... even if you have nothing exciting going on

- Have fun writing emails that suit your personality and style

- Amplify the Know-Like-Trust Factor that leads to more sales

- Create fans for life who love your emails and books

Sound good?

Then click the button below to enroll in the challenge now.
What Other Authors Like You Have Said About This Challenge
Meet Your Coach
Derek Doepker
I went from a broke valet parker to 7-time bestselling author. When I saw that even a "no name" aspiring author could become a #1 bestseller in some of the most competitive categories, I decided to start coaching other authors.

I now share the free and low-cost marketing strategies that empowered me to sell over 75,000 books. 

My passion for coaching led me to become an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certified trainer to further support authors. 

Thanks to the mentorship I received from some of the world's top copywriters, I've been fortunate to write emails and ads for several 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs.

So you know I practice what I teach in this challenge, here are some comments I've received about my email newsletter. 
Meet The Guest Experts

Nick Stephenson

USA Today bestselling author of thriller, science fiction, and non-fiction books

  • ​The "Near Instant Lead Magnet" any brand new author can use to gain subscribers without spending hours creating a freebie. 
  • ​How to bypass the "I don't want to join another newsletter" syndrome in readers.
  • A mental shift to effortlessly write to thousands of people without fear of boring them into unsubscribing.
  • ​How to come up with hot topics for both fiction and non-fiction genres when you don't want to tell your own personal stories. 
  • ​3 simple strategies that DOUBLED the book sales an email campaign generated. (If you're missing even one of these, it could cut your sales in half)

Bryan Cohen

USA Today bestselling author of over 40 books who's sold over 100,000 copies

  • The 5-Part Followup Sequence that builds know, like, and trust for new subscribers. (See each email in full detail)
  • The 'Lazy Way' to create reader engagement that takes almost no effort on your part. 
  • ​A surefire way to start an email that's practically guaranteed to hook your reader. (Use this as a prompt as well for near endless email ideas)
  • ​What you must have in place to prevent a list from growing "stale." I do NOT recommend you build a list until this is set up first.
  • The Hollywood Movie Pitch Formula that captivates readers and makes them hungry to buy your book.

Alessandra Torre

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling romance and suspense novelist

  • The 'Short N' Sweet Email' that eliminates the stress of "What do I write?" and "What if I don't have anything brilliant to say?" Use this when you need an easy way to write an email fast.
  • How to adjust your newsletter style based on your unique personality.
  • What to add to the bottom of your emails that's proven to significantly improve clicks.
  • How to use pictures to spice up your emails... even if you don't want anyone to see your face or personal details. (Works even when using a pen name)
  • One of Alessandra's most popular emails you can model in ANY genre to create a deep connection with your readers.

Stephen Henry

Email marketing specialist

  • Seinfeld creator Larry David's strategy to get you out of your head and make email writing fun.
  • A simple tweak to keep your emails from going to the spam or promotions folders. (Almost no one is doing this)
  • How to transform even the most boring life events into interesting stories that bond you with your audience.
  • ​The 'Reader's Digest Trick' that gets your readers excited to open every email you write. (That has nothing to do with writing short articles)
  • ​How to make your readers laugh and love you for it... even if you're the world's most unfunny person. 

Jonathan Green

Author and ghostwriter of 200+ bestselling books and digital marketing master

  • What to do when it feels awkward trying to write a marketing or sales email. Apply this method so your emails sound and feel conversational and authentic... while still selling. 
  • When NOT selling in an email can ultimately increase your sales. 
  • ​The #1 purpose of emails you send right AFTER you build trust and right BEFORE you make an offer.
  • Jonathan's go-to prompt to come up with content on command. And how content totally unrelated to what you're selling can be highly effective.
  • The '24 Method' that virtually guarantees a reader will open your next email. Warning: This is an advanced strategy and not recommended for beginners. 

Ray Brehm

Bestselling author of over 10 books and business strategist

  • How to leverage "Pop Culture Piggybacking" to write fun emails even if you're not feeling creative. If you love to sit around and watch TV and movies, you can turn this pastime into email profits.
  • A completely counter-intuitive way to reduce spam complaints and unsubscribes. Warning: This flies in the face of what most amateur email marketers will tell you to do.
  • ​3 of the most powerful ways to build your email list. Discover how to get OTHER people to help build your list for you and add new subscribers on autopilot.
  • ​​The "Criticism Alchemy" technique to transform critical comments into engaging content and sales. You'll rejoice when you get nasty messages and one-star reviews because you'll know how to make them work to your advantage.
  • The 6-word question that turns ordinary and even irrelevant events into emails your readers will rave about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What genre is this for?
You'll see principles and examples for both fiction (entertainment) and non-fiction (education). Some interviews will focus exclusively on either fiction or non-fiction styles. That said, I encourage you to go through all the trainings as you may be inspired to take an idea from another genre and tweak it to fit your own genre.

You won't see examples for children's books. While children's book authors may benefit, not as much of the content will apply. 

The people who this challenge is NOT for are those who are just writing books as a hobby and don't particularly care about making sales.
What if I'm not ready for this right now?
Building and engaging an email list is important before a book launches, during a launch, and after a look to keep the relationship with your readers and prospects alive. 

You'll have access to the recordings and you can do the training on your own time. So even if you're not ready to consume the trainings until weeks or months later, you can enroll now and access the trainings whenever you want.
Why do I need to do email marketing?
You don't "need" to do anything. Some authors may make a handful of sales solely through other means such as social media and paid advertising. 

But relying on those strategies alone is like building a house on sand. An author who relies on social media may suddenly find their reach evaporates. Or, even worse, they get de-platformed altogether. Meaning their account is shut down and they can no longer connect with their fans. Or ad costs could increase and an author may no longer be able to sell as many books through ads.

Your email list IS your business. It's the asset you own to sell your books over and over again with minimal cost. Email is also usually the quickest way to get reviews and testimonials for new book launches. 

For authors who sell other products such as merchandise and courses, you'll find email is often by far the best way to generate more sales on the backend of a book.
Will this work for new/old books?
It doesn't matter when your book came out. Email marketing is an effective way to sell books that are decades old or brand new.

If you don't have a book out yet, start building buzz via email weeks or months ahead of time so you can maximize the sales during launch. 

If you have a book that's years old, breathe life back into the sales with new email promotions.
What if I don't have an audience yet and am starting from scratch?
One thing that psychologically keeps authors from building an email list is they don't know what they're going to email. By participating in this challenge, you'll have emails ready for when you build a list. And you'll also feel confident you know what to email your new subscribers.

If you have NO experience writing emails, you'll get examples and prompts to ensure you start off on the right foot. 
Will this help with the technical aspect of setting up an email list?
I may address technical questions that apply to any email service provider. That said, this challenge is not intended to be a technical training. 

Each email service provider is different. If you need technical help setting up an email service (such as the landing page and opt-in forms), I recommend finding a specialist who can work with your particular service. There are many people who provide this service at affordable rates. 
What time are the trainings and do I get the recordings?
The training is pre-recorded and you get access within 10 minutes of signing up. You can consume the program at any time. You also get ongoing access to the recordings to re-watch the trainings months or years from now. 
How much time will I need to invest in this?
This depends on how quickly you want to go through this challenge. I suggest at least one hour a day to consume the training and implement the action steps. That said, you can go at a slower pace if you want to stretch it out. This is a challenge you can take at your own pace.

There will be additional bonus trainings you can also go through whenever you'd like. 
Am I guaranteed to get feedback on my emails?
If you want to get guaranteed feedback on your work, I'll share an affordable way you can get direct feedback on any emails you write.
I'm already good at writing emails, is this for me?
If you're already awesome, then chances are you know the value of ongoing education. Also, this is about ACTION. Use this challenge as motivation and accountability to take your email marketing from good to great or from great to masterful. 

You'll also discover some advanced and little-known methods for content creation and sales. The more advanced you are, the more this challenge could potentially pay for itself many times over with just one tiny modification to your current approach. 
What if I don't like email marketing?
Some authors don't like email because they haven't been shown exactly what to do and how to have fun with it. Or they feel they need to match another person's style that doesn't resonate with them. Or they (wrongly) think marketing = shameless selling.

In this challenge, you'll discover how to create emails that match your personality and strengths. Whether that's a strength of storytelling, teaching, curating, and/or motivating. 

My intention with this challenge is to not only make it easier to write effective emails but to also ensure you fall in love with the process. While that's a bold promise and it may not happen in as little as a week, I believe you'll see the potential for email to become one of your favorite ways to sell your books (and sell anything else).
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